April 2012

Pretty Green Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

Just spotted these on the Pretty Green Facebook page and thought we’d share them with you… You can view more images HERE.   For our complete range of Pretty Green, including: shirts, t-shirts, polos, jackets, jeans, accessories and knitwear please visit us in store or for our online range please click here.    

EA7 Video Manifesto

In conjunction with the video manifesto for the new EA7 Campaign, the site is now live — a visit is highly recommended! The line’s core values shine through: endeavour, courage, teamwork and drive. The manifesto is a veritable ode to sport and performance, coupled with a passion for excellence and determination. The video's interplay of powerful imagery and inspiring messages resonate strongly. The actions speak for themselves. Each video frame zeroes in on a specific discipline, creating a crescendo of movements that culminate in a general message: being there... Read More

Labrinth in Humor

So has anyone else spotted Labrinth in Front Magazine this month….? Loving that Humor shirt :o) For our full Humor collection please visit us in store or for our online range that inclues, graphic T-shirts, shirts, trousers, knitwear, sweats, jackets and more – CLICK HERE    

Money + Other Scenes

  Graphic artist Michael Willis is an emerging talent from London, mixing an eclectic vision of bold imagery, psychedelic graphics and airbrush art. He goes under the monicker of “Other Scenes” and also an amazing blog/collective called Panther Club. He took a pop twist on the Money brand, emerging in the form of his vibrant graphic tee mixing a collaged fur clad babe with some whacked out pop elements. If you want one (and we know you do!!!) keep an eye out for it HERE      

Gabriel Medina – surfing legend

So we you saw the video of the kid doing the 1080, right? Well here’s another kid showing everyone his bare skills. The 17 year old Brazilian is pretty new to the world circuit but he is already making waves (see what we did there!!), beating some of the biggest names in the sport – and from the video below, you can see why. …and he’s only 17 – can you believe it! Check out this video to see Gabriell Medina in action…. and if you don’t like surfing, watch... Read More

VIDEO: Skater does 1st ever 1080

They though it was impossible – though many had tried, nobdy had succeeded. Not even the great Tony Hawkes himself managed it in his illustrious career… …and than along came some 12 year old kid called, Tom Schaar. To be fair, he's using an massive ramp but it's still impressive nontheless. He literally spins 3 times whilst in mid air – whether you're a skater or not, you have to admit – it's totally gnarly…duuuude!!!! Have a butchers: