October 2011

Pedro Delgado – in a street gallery near you.

Walk down any street in London – or indeed any major city – and you’ll see street art everywhere. Usually people love the good stuff but hate the bad stuff – however the people that do the good stuff, used to do bad stuff back in the day and it was only through lots and lots of practice that their bad stuff became good. These guys need somewhere to practice, right? Well you might want to bear in mind when you next turn your nose up at some crappy Piece... Read More

Mad dancing skillz

Its amazing what you find on the net, innit? We saw a video of some dude called Marquese Scot on the Creative Recreation website – have a look: That boy has got some mad skills, right…. well this next video is going to blow your minds!!! Damn this boy can move – how does he do that? Check out our Creative Recreation shoes, sneakers and boots here or visit us in store for the full range.

VIDEO: Pretty Green + Paul Weller

As we mentioned a while ago, Liam Gallagher’s fashion label, Pretty Green has teamed up with one of the coolest people on the planet, Paul Weller. This little teaser video appeared on the Pretty Green Facebook page today. It seems that style icon,  Mr Weller is to oversee his own range of designs for the Pretty Green label which has everyone at Brother2Brother salivating at the chops at the mere thought of this. In a statement on the Pretty Green website, Weller says: “I’ve got designs for suits, jackets, shoes... Read More

Lakeside Shopping Centre’s 21st Birthday

Its all about Essex at the moment isn’t it – if we are not watching the pumped up lovelies on The Only Way is Essex, we are being bombarded by news of Essex kids on the X-Factor. On top of this, not only is Essex all over the news (not necessarily for the right reasons), but we can also watch the dynamics of one of the county’s secondary schools in the programme, Educating Essex. Yes there has never been a better time to hail from this much understood county. Well... Read More

Stone Roses Reuinion

Music fans (well those that are over 30 anyway) were treated to some awesome earlier news this week as 90s indie giants, The Stone Roses announced that they would be reuniting for a couple of UK gigs before heading off on a world tour. The gigs and subsequent tour will see the return of the original line up of Ian Brown, Mani, Reni and errant guitarist John Squire. These guys were last on stage together at the Reading Festival back in 1996. Ticket for the UK gigs are £55 and... Read More

Original Penguin jacket hits the high seas.

So this Original Penguin jacket that we’ve featured a couple of times already on this blog has made its most perilous journey thus far. This crazy red son of a bitch has only gone and travelled to the bermuda triangle… yeah seriously, the Bermuda Triangle. The place where planes, boats and, er… other things go missing. Luckily it pulled through and managed not to wind up at the bottom of Davey Jones’ locker – but you can see for yourself right here…   For our online collection of Original Penguin... Read More

Barbour – It’s what the outoors was made for.

There are 2 things that every man should have in his wardrobe – a motorbike and a Barbour jacket. Ok so we lied about the motorbike….. it’s best you keep that in the garage. Once the preserve of the landed gentry (them what likes to shoot the wildlife) and the odd farmer, Barbour jackets can now be seen on the backs of those who demand top quality, high performance clothing with heritage and a real sense of Britishness. If you’re going to buy a jacket this winter then make it... Read More

Creative Recreation, Very Limited, LED Shoes.

Possibly the coolest footwear brand around at the moment, Creative Recreation, have gone berserk and have produced a pair of shoes that, er… glow (or rather light up) in the dark. Now you probably remember those kid’s sneaks with the wheels in the sole and you might even remember the LA Gear with the lights in the heal (no? go and ask your Mum n Dad then!) but Creative Recreation have taken the whole novelty footwear thing to new heights. Designed for the MTV show, “The Buried Life” these limited... Read More

VIDEO: Rihanna in Armani underwear

A while back we showed you guys some amazing photos of Rihanna modelling Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani underwear – hmmmmmmm……. Well in an effort to keep you fed with the latest videos, news and gossip from the world of fahion, we are delighted to be able to show you the short film that Rihanna shot as part of the new Armani ad campaign. As you would expect from anything that carries the Armani moniker, everything about the video is super-slick and stylish – and we are totally loving the... Read More

Noel Gallagher: Hight Flying Birds… AKA What a Life.

The video for Noel Gallagher’s new song is amazing – totally absorbing and perfect for a Friday. Starting much like a Diesel advert the video takes you on a road trip, in an awesome car, across some rugged terrain in the middle of nowhere. Russell Brand then pops up and does a great impression of Danny from “Withnail and I” – but then again when does he not do this? It It finishes with our Noel, winning the girl and saving the day…. accompanied by a fantastic sound track. Anyway... Read More