August 2011

Rap Beatbox Choir – your chance to take part.

The Rap Beatbox Choir needs rappers, beatboxers and singers to come together to perform ‘We are the People’, an original track made completely by the human voice. No instruments. 100% acapella. You can use the YouTube channel to interact with the track and add your voice to this unique piece of music. Taking part is easy: just watch the videos, select the part you want to perform, learn it and submit your video performance to the YouTube channel. If you can keep in tune and tempo you may be added... Read More

Girls, girls, girls….

How many sweethearts does this jacket attract in one night…? ….a shed load, that’s how many! We don’t stock this jacket (yet) – however, we have a bunch of original clothes here online and the Autumn/Winter collection in our stores. Enjoy the video :o)  

Fast cars and monkey suits

We don't sell DC Shoes. We don't sell Monster energy drink. Hell we don't even sell Ford Fiestas… ….but we love fast cars, we love doughnuts and we love a Bollywood ending and we know you do too, that's why we simply had to share this video with you. it truly is an awesome piece of driving.  

Happy Birthday Madonna

Yes that’s right, one of the world’s favourite pin-up girls for the past few decades celebrates her Birthday today. She’s had a string of hits across the world, selling more than 300 million records and is one of the most successful recording artists of all time. Like her or not there is not denying the fact that she is a proper style icon and we’d like to join us in wishing her a very Happy Birthday. I wonder if the Gaga woman will still be going strong when she’s Madonna’s... Read More

True Religion Autum 2011 ad campaign

Despite only being in existence for some 9 years, True Religion has become one of the most recognisable brands around. It’s 70s inspired Hippie, Bohemian chic combined with the perfect fit make True Religion jeans an essential part of anyone’s denim collection. Oh and let’s not forget the awesome branding – there’s never any doubt what flavour jeans you’re sporting when your legs are clad in True Religion denim. Brother2Brother has part of the collection here online but you’ll have to visit us in store for the rest. Check out... Read More

Megan Fox in her underwear

We don't do women's clothes at Brother2Brother but it doesn't stop us from appreciating the splendid clothes that adorn the fairer sex. Check out the jeans in this video for example – they are a classic example of beautifully cut and elegantly designed jeans that we have come to expect from the Armani Jeans collection. …..ok, who are we trying to kid, this video is clearly all about Megan Fox in her underwear and that is the only reason why we have inclued it in our blog. Take a couple... Read More

Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right (Revisited) Full Length

OK, OK so we realise this video is a few months old but we were blaring it out in the Beaties in the office this morning and somebody pulled up this video from YouTube. After we finally managed to pick ourselves off the floor after a major laughing session, we thought we'd share the love with you guys. It's pretty long but well worth watching if you can spare the time…. especially the Will Ferrel breack-dancing at at 20 minutes in. So, so funny, Enjoy.

Pretty Green – New Season

Lovers of Pretty Green are in for a treat next season as the new range of clothes looks properly amazing. We're taking delivery of new items every day, including t-shirts, polos, jackets, shoes and more and they'll hit our stores and website in the very near future. We will of course keep you updated with everything – make sure you sign up for our newsletter. Anyway – the clothes inspired us to put this video online. It's a short film which was shot in 2009 to mark the launch of... Read More