July 2011

Boris Johnson Flash Mob – coming to a shopping centre near you.

A strange phenomenon seems to be sweeping the country's shopping centres. Boris Johnsons of all shapes and sizes are gathering in some of the county's biggest malls to show off their dancing skills. 

OK, OK – so they're not really Boris Johnsons, they are just a bunch of kids wearing masks of our capital's esteemed mayor, but they look pretty good. Perhaps a little less foppish than the real thing.

 This little troupe has already been spotted at Lakeside, The Harlequin and the Potteries in Stoke-on-Trent. 

…where will they strike... Read More

Killa Kela in Money

We just stumbled across this old video of Killa Kela in some very loud Money get up. It’s a few years old so you wont find any of these items currently in stock but if you’re into Money then Brother2Brother is the right place for you. We have loads of Money stuff in stock including quite a few sale items – click HERE to see them all.  

The Beach at Milton Keynes

If you are fancy a bit of shopping at Milton Keynes this week – make sure you bring your bucket and spade. Yes that's right, if you head along to Middleton Hall at thecentre:mk you will find 160 tonnes of soft white sand just waiting for you to strip off you shoes and socks and sink your feet into. If you haven't had the chance to make it to the seaside yet this summer then ensure that you get yourself to this shopping centre and whilst you're there, why not... Read More

Diesel Intimate collection

It’s not just the clothes that we love Diesel for – we love them also for their quirky ad campaigns. Diesel Island kicked off a while back with some adverts that had everyone here at Brother2Brother rolling on the floor with laughter – you can see some of them HERE. They have since move on from these adverts to create somethng truly bizarre for their Intimate range of underwear. Now we all love seeing sexy, hot bods in nothing but underwear and who can argue with the main image of... Read More

Foster the People – Song of the Summer (so far…)

Is this the song of the summer or what? We're totally loving Foster the People here at B2B HQ. Sadly the only place to catch them this summer was at Glastonbury a few weeks ago but there are rumours that they will be touring Blighty in the Autumn – YAAAAAY!!! Anyway, here's the totally awesome "Pumped up Kicks: And here's a cheeky little interview that BBC 6 Music's Lauren Laverne did with the band just after their Galsto set: What's yout song of the summer so far…..?

Fashion TV Milton Keynes comes to Brother2Brother

Brother2Brother in Milton Keynes’ Midsummer Place shopping centre, gets some video love from Style magazine’s senior features writer Alex Gardner. We only stumbled across this today so it is a little out of date – only a little bit though. By the way – those Armani jeans that are featured in the video are now in the sale – find them HERE.   check out the video here: