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Spring is here! Time to get floral

Spring is in bloom and, with any sense, so is your wardrobe. As we’re shedding away our winter wardrobe, what’s underneath shouldn’t be anything less than a metamorphosis. That’s right. If the Very Hungry Caterpillar can do it, you can turn a year’s worth of excessive takeaways into your best self. Just call your Moncler or Stone Island coat your very stylish cocoon. Floral prints are some of the most accessible ways to bring some life into your wardrobe. Flowers are the concentrated beauty of the natural world. They show... Read More


These stylish masks are fashion’s vaccine

The (Un)masked truth I wanted to start this editorial with a quick, witty summary on how the world’s doing right now: How lockdown’s doing, what everyone’s binging on Netflix right now, what the latest quarantine trend is. Truth is, in the time between the writing and the publishing this editorial anything I have to say about what’s going on right now will be completely out of date as it’s eclipsed by whatever tornado of chaos looming around the corner. Sadly, the only thing that can be said for certain about... Read More


The Italian Dream: Dolce and Gabbana’s Open Secret

How to be seen without being exposed. Few can boast the international renown that Milan luxury fashion house Dolce and Gabbana has possessed since 1985. Making use of exquisite Italian craftsmanship, the label is synonymous with Sicilian mystique and a dominating Mediterranean presence. Hollywood stars live and die on Dolce and Gabbana’s red-carpet looks from Adam Lambert to Daniel Craig. Sleek and sophisticated, they’ve mastered the aesthetic of a nostalgic, almost fairytale, character in their collections. With 222 stores across 41 countries, the brand’s key elements are pretty much the... Read More


The Binge-Watcher’s Style Guide

If there’s one thing that’s connected the whole world through lockdown, it’s binge-watching. So much so, that we can probably name our lockdown eras through whatever we were binging at the time. Love is Blind, released February 13 2020 was Netflix’s dark prophecy of a world where people had to carry out the initial stages of their love-life from behind a screen, preparing us all for the era of our lives when the only new people to be found were on Tinder, Hinge and Bumble. Then came Tiger King which... Read More


Your Brain on Fashion: Making Fashion Work for You (From Home)

Clothes make the man It’s an age-old adage. Up until recently, we didn’t realise just how true it was.  You’ve heard it all. Endless lists of dos and don’ts, fashion faux-pas and passed around ‘rules’ of fashion: ‘Sometimes, always, never’, ‘match your belt to your shoes’, ‘surround yourself with stylish people.’  What do you notice? What do you notice? All these rules are about how you look to other people. But isn’t that what style is? How we express ourselves to the world? Our friends, families, colleagues, people we want... Read More

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Hidden Treasures: Top SS20 Bargains

Autumn is officially here. Before the fresh lines hit the market, check out the Brother2Brother Sale for the best clothing steals from the past season. From Off-White to Hugo Boss to DSquared2, we’ve got deals on all the major designer brands in men’s fashion. Sliders No matter the season, everyone should have a pair of quality sliders. Perfect for around the house or a quick trip outside, the Neon Logo Sliders from Boss are real head turners. The traditional moulded footbed makes these one of the most comfortable pairs of... Read More

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3 Ways To Style A Shirt

Shirts have been the staple of men’s fashion for as long as we can remember. From traditional 3 piece suits to professional office attire to casual short sleeves and shorts on holiday, shirts have remained irreplaceable. Their evolution in the fashion world has given modern brands a lot of wiggle room to come up with innovative and bold designs for new lines. Iconic styles from past decades are resurfacing with a fresh twist. We’ve pulled together our top 3 looks from current fashion trends to show you how to style... Read More

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Skater Style Accessories For Men

Check out our full skater aesthetic guide here for all our footwear and clothing advice. No skater style is really complete without a handful of iconic accessories to round out your apparel. The 90s defined the skater look as we know it today with bold branding and effortlessly casual designs. We’ve picked out our best Brother2Brother bags, hats and socks that that will bring your ultimate aesthetic to life. Make a Statement The anti-establishment flair that’s always been a part of skateboarding culture means that fashion houses tend to stick... Read More

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The New Business Casual

Whether you’re heading back into the office or modernising your evening style, Brother2Brother has the top tips for achieving your business casual look. Open-Collar Shirt Stick to high quality products like this VLTN Times Print Shirt by Valentino and you can swap between buttoned up and open. A buttoned up print shirt is a classic way to look professional whilst keeping your outfit interesting. Recently we’re seeing a trend in open-collar shirts worn with a plain t-shirt underneath, creating a new edgy yet business appropriate ensemble. We’d recommend sticking to... Read More

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What Makes a Great Skater Aesthetic?

Skateboarding kicked off in the 60s, but we have the 90s to thank for its iconic style. Characterised by its carefree apparel and anti-establishment flair, skater fashion offers a practical and casual look that pays homage to the global phenomenon. Professional skateboarders like Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk popularised oversized graphic tees, beanies and the recognisable turn-up chinos. The skater aesthetic might look effortless, but any style takes work. Brother2Brother‘s brands can provide you with the high quality edge you need to master your look. High-Top Sneakers Vans and Converse... Read More