Custom Sneakers vs Sneaker Copies?

We are here to have an internal debate to where the line is drawn between sneaker customizers versus creating a sneaker brand by replicating iconic silhouettes but with your own branding. Where would you sit on the fence? We understand that since the start of time, inspiration comes from what’s been done previously but if you take a full silhouette, shape, design and replicate it while portraying to be “unique” – is this classed as paying homage or copying? Let’s break this down by splitting the two into separate departments... Read More



Discover the latest concept by Moncler with their curators profiles from some of the world’s most dynamic personalities in sport, fashion, business and entertainment. The Italian fashion house invites them to curate their own Moncler edit, which gets showcased through their website. They have kicked off the curators series with the one and only, Nigel Sylvester. A Queens, New York resident, BMX royalty and Jordan brand’s first BMX athlete. Sylvester is used to being the first to break through doors and he continues to do so, especially with his most... Read More


Your Heart On Your Sleeve: Does Branding Matter?

we’re sure you’ve heard that one before.  It’s a sentiment that challenges one of the biggest shifts in the fashion industry for years. Love it or hate it, it’s hard to escape it – we’re in the era of the brand.  In a world where social media opened the door to an ever more saturated market of models, influencers and trendsetters, brands and designers are forced to break free from traditional promotion and need to carve their own niche. Branding is the modern-day intersection of fashion and function, and it’s... Read More


The Brother2Brother Guide To This Years Summer Colour Scheme

It’s always around this time of year when you really start to notice the shift in not only the weather, but the effects summery seasons have on everyone.  Call it what you will, but this seasonal attitude adjustment really strikes deep into the hearts and minds of people – especially when it comes to their style. You can always rely on the sun to make your colours really pop out. It’s something that simply cannot be found in the winter – there is an oppressive greyness during that time of... Read More


Your Guide To The Best Summer Shorts ‘22

If the last few weeks of idyllic sun and warm weather have shown us anything, it’s that this summer is definitely one to get dressed well for – and what can be a more perfect fit for summer than the humble pair of designer men’s shorts? In the last couple of seasons, we’ve been seeing a trend toward the casual short styles of the late 80s and early 90s rolling back into fashion. Just take a look at what the likes of Balenciaga, Off-White and Casablanca are doing – just... Read More


Best Summer Trends For Men In 2022: Shorts & Shades | B2B

Here at Brother2Brother, we’re starting to notice a little bit of a shift in the way the fashion world is moving. If you’ve been keeping up with our Editorials, you’ll have noticed that the way a lot of big names in the fashion industry are really changing things up. We’re seeing brands like Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen taking big steps in some new directions – and we’re excited. We’ve been talking a lot recently about how brands are shifting their focus in our new age – we see a lot... Read More



Sneakers | Fashion | Culture | Art | History | Food | Travel The Private Selection Trio The trifecta that has built one of the most talked-about YouTube channels surrounding everything to do with streetwear culture. They are deeply entrenched within the scene and widely known across the US as well as internationally. We have been in tune with their journey since we discovered them on one of our late-night scrolls on YT after watching back-to-back Complex episodes about a year ago and we haven’t stopped since, they were born... Read More


The Best Guide to Sliders: Where Are Your Pair?

Finally, the time has come to ditch those dreary winter blues – let the sun back in your life with summer. But it’s more than just the sun that’s getting us excited – after all this time we can finally strut our stuff again, the way we were always meant to – how can you flex when you’re locked indoors. So, we’ve given it some thought, trying to find that perfect garment that really makes you feel the sun back in your life – and we think we’ve got it. ... Read More


Honey Fucking Dijon x Keith Haring

About Honey Fucking Dijon Many ask where did HFD come from, a streetwear brand popped up in 2018 featuring collaborations with the best artists and designers in the world so who’s behind this brand? It’s no secret but we are going to make it clear. Deriving from Honey Dijon’s stage name, which has then been adjusted into a brand with a powerhouse partnership with Adrian Joffe, the head honcho of Dover Street Market and President of Comme des Garçon International. Two of the latest collaborations between HFD and other brands/artists... Read More